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The Rambled Soul of a 21st Century Man Essay

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Elwood Grimes’ “The Rambled Soul of a 21st Century Man,” is a book that contains thoughts with regards to what lies ahead. It talks about life and how the author sees it. Initially, when I first saw the title, I thought that the book was written from the perspective of a man alone. The title made it seem that way. However, as I read the phrases and entries, I realized that I could relate to it as well. Man in Grimes’ book does not speak of gender or sexuality. Man is the human being which both men and women are equally part of. Grimes’ writings brought out several realizations in me.

It is safe to say that he touched both my heart and my mind. The book made me see what I must do with my own life. I saw how life in today’s time has changed. My biggest realization was that one’s life is in his hand alone. His life is what he makes of it. Furthermore, I realized that we are all searching for meaning. Each person gives a unique meaning to his life. Some live for success. Others live their lives for their families or families to be. Still there are others who crave to be known and famous. In this regard, I reflected upon the direction I wanted to pursue in my life.

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Being a woman, I want to be a mother. Despite the more progressive times I still long for the time when I can nurture and care for my family. As traditional as this may seem, it is what I want and as Grimes’ made me realize, no one has the right to scowl at me for this longing of mine. Grimes’ writing made me think of life’s choices as well. Every choice we make in life will affect what lies ahead. If we choose to take school for granted, this will lead us one way. On the other hand, if we choose to focus on school more than anything else, we will be led in completely different direction.

In this case, Grimes made me see that in fulfilling my dreams, I must give importance to all my decisions and choices. I can not take for granted such choices for they will inevitably affect where my life leads. One wrong choice may cause me to veer away from what I want in life. Most important of all, Elwood Grimes made realize that gender, in today’s time, should not hinder anyone from pursuing his or her dreams. Both men and women are equally entitled to living their lives as they see fit. Dreams are not gender-defined. Life is not and should not be based on gender for both men and women can make choices of their own.

In my case, Grimes brought it upon me that being a woman should never set me back. His words were not for men alone. They were for Man, the human being. I should not allow myself to be dissuaded from living my life to the fullest just because I am a woman. Reading “The Rambled Soul of a 21st Century Man” was greatly enlightening. It gave me stronger resolve to live my life the way I want to. It made me believe that everyone is capable of fulfilling their dreams. This is the mark that Elwood Grimes has left on me. It will push me to be stronger and more focused on myself and on my goals.

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