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Cicero Pro Caelio: ch. 9-12

in so far as

togam virilem
the toga of manhood

continuo adv.
at once, immediately

deduco, ducere, duxi, ductum
to bring to

most upright

artibus honestissimis
most honorable practices

erudio, ire
to educate

defensio, onis f.
a warding off, defense

do, dare, dedi, datus sum
to offer, give; to cause, bring about

pudor, oris m.
shame, decency, modesty

munitio, onis f.
a fortifying, building up

disciplina, ae f.

diligentia adj.
arduous, dutiful

abhorrere, ere
to be above, be free from


amicus, i
supporters, political adherents

sua sponte
on its own

infestum, us, a
endangered, threatened

a supporter in court

debeo, debere, ui, itum
to owe

accepto, are
to receive

studeo, ere, ui
to be eager, earnest; strive after

improbo, are
to disapprove

nimium (substantive)
much, a great deal

tempus, oris n.
division, section

adsiduus, a, um
continuously, in one place

nova, are
to come to know, to make new, renew

dienceps adv.
one after another, successively

accedo, -cedere, cessi, cessum
to go to, approach, come near

recedo, recedere, cessi, cessum
to bo back, draw back, recede, retreat, retire

verso, are
to be involved with**, to turn about often

infamia, ae f.
bad reputation, notoriety, disgrace

cohibendum bracchium toga
for keeping the arm restrained by the toga

set aside

utor, uti, usus sum
to engage in, practice

in the Campus Martius

wearing tunics

merere stipendia
to draw military pay

involving the camp

ratio, onis f.
practice, procedure

castimonia, ae f.
clean living, purity

quoquo modo
in whatever way

infamiam veram
justifiable scandal; disgrace

praesto, stare, stiti, stitum
show, exhibit

nemo loquebatur
no one spoke ill of

igitur adv.
then, therefore

because of, consequently

olim adv
at that time, then

tum etiam
not only

domesticus, a, um

integer, integra, grum ad.
untouched**, complete, whole, entire

inviolatus, a, um
uninjured, unhurt

public opinion

pudicitia, ae f.
modesty, chastity, virtue

he enjoyed the friendship of

et quidem
yes, but

deditum esse
be devoted to

inlecebra, ae f.
allurements, enticements


monstrum, i n.
an omen, portent or sign, a monster

of nature, natural

conflo, conflare
blow, melt down, cast

permultus, a, um
s. very much, pl. many

signo, are
to mark, put a mark upon, inscribe

exprimo, primere, pressi, pressum
to press/force out

adumbratio, onis f.
a sketch

industria, ae f.
industry, diligence

flago, are
to blaze, burn, glow, flame

bitium, i n.
a fault, defect

vigeo, ere
to be vigorous, thrive, flourish

studium, i n.
zeal, eagerness, fondness

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